Submission Criteria (and how to submit)

Hello ladies, and thank you a million for taking the time to read our Submission Guidelines, and for submitting to our blog! We here at FYCG felt like we needed to make a few things clearer to make the whole blog run smoother, for us as mods, and for you as followers/submitters. Every decision we’ve made in regards to what we’d like (or wouldn’t like) to see in submissions is based not only off of personal preferences, but also on a great amount of feedback we’ve gotten from our amazing followers. Obviously we can’t please everyone, but we’ve taken into consideration what we feel like the majority of our 12,000+ followers are expecting out of this blog. PLEASE take the time to read these guidelines carefully before submitting; if we receive a submission that we feel disregards too many of our submission guidelines, we reserve the right to refuse the submission with no notice to the submitter.

#1) We need to reiterate this: PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT TASTEFUL PHOTOS. We’ve had a lot of submissions recently that have disregarded this. Please keep in mind that fellow chubby females are not the only people who follow this blog; unfortunately, we do get a fair amount of creeps and “chubby chasers” that follow the blog, and we have absolutely no way to block the inappropriate ones from seeing the blog. Also, our blog is not password protected. Anyone with internet access (i.e. Teachers, friends, parents, employers) can see it. Anything exposing “the best parts” (nipples, pubic region, buttcrack) will not be posted.

#2) That being said, if you submit a photo in anything less than what you would wear to go grocery shopping (bathing suit, underwear), we MUST have your age in the submission, and you MUST be over 18 for it to be posted. We’re not trying to get busted for posting underage girls in their skivvies.

#3) This might go without saying, but YOU MUST BE A GIRL TO SUBMIT. Comments and encouragement from males are appreciated, but we will post them at our own discretion. And chubby guys, go submit over at fuckyeahchubbyguys!!

#4) THIS IS A BODY ACCEPTANCE BLOG. While we are chubby girls, and chubby girls are our main focus, that does not mean we will tolerate bashing of other (or your own!) body types. People of every size are amazing and beautiful, and what kind of message are we sending if we use the same kind of discrimination and foul language against other body types that has been used against us? Not a good one. Therefore, there will be no talk of “chubby girls doing it better” (skinny girls do it just as good, whatever “it” is), or “who wants to hug a bag of bones?” That kind of talk is just as hurtful as “who wants to have sex with a whale?” So don’t do it!

#5) THE PURPOSE OF THE BLOG IS NOT SOCIAL NETWORKING. Do not include your personal tumblr link (or any other links, facebook, etc.) in the body of your submission. If the person wants to get in contact with you, all they have to do is look at the first note on the post to see who submitted it, and we don’t have a hundred posts saying “Follow me! Follow me!”

#6) Due to the large number of posts that we receive, IT CAN SOMETIMES TAKE UP TO A WEEK TO SEE YOUR SUBMISSION POSTED. Please be patient with us, and try and wait at least a week before inquiring about the status of your submission. If it’s been more than a week, please feel free to ask, including the approximate date and nature of your submission (it helps us narrow things down a WHOLE lot quicker). We’ll be glad to get back to you just as soon as we can. If we don’t have any information about when your post was submitted, we will probably ignore your inquiry, so please be sure to include this info.

#7) ALL PHOTOS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL. That being said, we try and make a general rule not to post anyone under 140lbs or smaller than a size 12. Some girls smaller than that may slip through the cracks, and some bigger girls may get denied simply because they don’t “look” chubby, but PLEASE be understanding of the fact that CHUBBY is an extremely difficult term to define. It really is up to our own personal definitions, and we have to draw the line somewhere.  We are by no means trying to say that girls smaller than those definitions don’t “deserve” to get posted, or aren’t validated in feeling that they are chubby, but if we don’t create some sort of limit, it is much more open to the personal interpretation of the individual moderator approving posts, and thus much more likely to fluctuate arbitrarily. Also, it is totally possible that while one photo of you may be approved for submission, a different one of the same person may get denied. Headshots make it almost impossible to tell if you are actually chubby, unless you’ve got cute little chubby cheeks. We’re getting stricter on this, so please be aware that it’s not personal. Also, if your photo is of bad enough quality that you feel the need to apologize for it (“sorry for the blurry photo”), it probably doesn’t need to be submitted, and probably won’t be posted.

#8) Don’t tell us what number submission this is for you (“this is my 3rd, 5th, 30th submission”). There’s really no great reason behind this other than it’s just one of our pet peeves (hey, we’re allowed to be a little selfish). Along the lines of pet peeves, please don’t just submit a picture with nothing written. Say SOMETHING. Frequency of submissions: because we get a large number of submissions, please wait until your first submission is posted before submitting a second (a week). If we see the same face over and over again we will reject some of them to allow for some variety.

#9) PLEASE read through our FAQ before asking us a question. If it’s not covered there, we’ll be more than happy to help. Also, we really love talking to you guys!

#10) While it is certainly a reality that a good number of the girls reading and submitting to this blog are dealing with issues of weight loss, we refuse to send a message of “I like myself more now that I’ve lost weight” or “I like my body, but it would be so much better if I lost weight.” Mentioning weight loss is okay if it’s in the right context, but this is very hard to define. It’s certainly okay to say, “I love my body, but I’d like to lose weight to be healthier.” We will not automatically deny any post mentioning weight loss, but it may be safer to stay away from the topic if you’re not quite sure of the guidelines we’re trying to set.

No video or hyperlink submissions, please.


#11) Lastly, the purpose of this blog is to promote body acceptance FOR people of all sizes and genders BY posting females of larger sizes. If your post fits this general mission statement and does not violate any of the above, it is almost guaranteed to get posted. However, even if your post adheres to the rules outlined above but somehow does not conform to our mission, we reserve the right to refuse or edit your submission.

Now that all that mess is out of the way, we would like to profusely thank you for submitting to this blog. We welcome any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism you may have about how we run this blog, but please do not be offended if we do not put your suggestions into practice. Stay beautiful!

You’re now ready to go to our Submissions page! :)