Is there an age limit?

Not entirely. We’ve posted someone as young as 11, and some a lot older. I encourage ladies of any age to submit photos, as long as they choose to submit photos of themselves that follow the submission guidelines. If someone has submitted photos that are more revealing and do not include their age,  I will not post the submission.

Do you contact the people who’s posts you deny?

No, that would take forever and we have lives.

How long does it take for a submission to get posted?

5-7 days usually, depending on what we have the queue set at. It is currently set to post 50 submissions a day (which is the maximum) and the queue is constantly growing.

Why is the “anonymous” option turned off?

Because, to put it plainly, some people are assholes. The amount of hate that comes into our inbox when people are allowed to hide behind the anonymous feature is ridiculous. If you wish to submit but remain anonymous, please say so in your submission/question and we will arrange it so that your name/tumblr account isn’t visible.

Can we submit anonymously?

Yes ma’am you can!! Just make a note that you would like to stay anonymous and I will set it up so that your tumblr isn’t attached.

Where are some good places to shop?

check out fuckyeahchubbyfashion.tumblr.com for this!!

these are user-submitted suggestions:
Torrid.com or Torrid stores
http://www.wacoal-america.com/ for bras